Coconut Framework  beta
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCCNArrayArray of pointers
oCCNBufferWrite buffer to store variable-sized continuous data
oCCNDictionaryDictionary of pointer
oCCNEdgeEdge of the graph
oCCNEdgeMethodsMethods for CNNode
oCCNFixedArrayArray of fixed number of pointers
oCCNFixedObjectArrayArray of instances
oCCNFixedStringPersistent string. There are only one object for each context of string
oCCNGraphDirect Acyclic Graph model
oCCNHashTableHash table for any data
oCCNHashTableMethodsSet of methods for item in CNHashTable These functions are called in CNHashTable
oCCNListList of pointers
oCCNListItemSingle linked list item
oCCNLockObject for mutex operation
oCCNMemoryProfileInformation to present memory profile
oCCNNodeNode of the direct acyclic graph
oCCNNodeMethodsMethods for CNNode
oCCNNumberNumber data class
oCCNNumberMethodsMethods for CNNumber class
oCCNObjectRoot object
oCCNObjectArrayArray of instances
oCCNObjectDictionaryDictionary of CNObject
oCCNObjectListList of CNObject
oCCNObjectMethodsMethods for CNObject
oCCNPoolPool of variable data
oCCNResourceLinkData structure for list-ite
oCCNResourcePoolResource pool to keep same size objects
oCCNStringFixed size string class
oCCNStringMethodsMethods for CNString
oCCNTextElementElement of CNText