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Coconut Framework Documentation


This document describes about Coconut Framework produced by Steel Wheels Project. Coconut Framework is basic infrastructure of all the other applications and frameworks.


This software is distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License v2.

Target System

SCM Repository

See Git repository on SourceForge.


This framework contains following item:

Memory manager
The memory manage is used to reduce malloc()/free() operations. In the almost application, there are many same-sized objects are allocated and released dynamically. The manager (called the resource) pools the various size of same-sized objects to re-use them.
Primitive data type & structure
General purpose data type & structure (ex. list) are supported.
Tiny object model
The CNObject data structure is used as the root object for tiny object oriented programming with ANSI-C.


CNResource (CNResource.h)
Memory manager
CNLock (CNLock.h)
Mutex lock for multi thread programming
Data type & structure
Data structure for objects
  • CNBase64.h : Define functions to convert binary data into base64 and to convert base64 data into binary.
  • CNStrUtil.h : Define utility functions to operate string

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