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CNType.h File Reference

Define primitive data types. More...

#include "CNForwarders.h"

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typedef unsigned int CNBoolean
 Boolean type.
typedef int(* CNCompareDataFuncRef )(const void *s0, const void *s1, void *info)
 Function to compare items in CNHashTable.
typedef CNBoolean(* CNMatchDataFuncRef )(const void *src, void *info)
 Function to maching objects.
typedef void *(* CNCloneDataFuncRef )(const void *src, void *info, struct CNResource *resource)
 Function to clone the source data.
typedef void(* CNDestroyDataFuncRef )(void *src, void *info, struct CNResource *resource)
 Function to destroy item.


static const CNBoolean CNTrue = 1
 Boolean value for TRUE.
static const CNBoolean CNFalse = 0
 Boolean value for FALSE.

Detailed Description

Define primitive data types.

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