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CNTopologicalSorter.h File Reference

Define CNTopologicalSorter class. More...

#include "CNType.h"
#include "CNForwarders.h"

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CNBoolean CNTopologicalSort (struct CNObjectList *sortednodes, struct CNObjectList *erroredges, struct CNGraph *src)
 Get the calculation order by topological sort. More...

Detailed Description

Define CNTopologicalSorter class.

Copyright (C) 2013 Steel Wheels Project

Function Documentation

CNBoolean CNTopologicalSort ( struct CNObjectList sortednodes,
struct CNObjectList erroredges,
struct CNGraph src 

Get the calculation order by topological sort.

Return values
CNTrueSuccessed to sort
CNFalseFailed to sort
sortednodesSortted nodes (CNNode)
erroredgesList of edges which failed to sort (CNEdge)
srcSource graph